We're constantly exploring how great the practice can be for our patients. 
Consistent with our commitment to provide comprehensive primary care,
the following are examples of available services:


Women’s Health

We recognize that women experience unique health milestones and as such, customize our approach and advice to your lifestyle & body.

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We provide both preventive and problem-oriented care for women. Services include routine gynecology care (pelvic and breast examinations, pap smear testing), contraception care (including IUD and Nexplanon placement), sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, treatment of menopausal symptoms and management of a variety of gynecologic problems. We have excellent relationships with a number of gynecologists when referral for specialty care is needed.

Men’s Health

We are here to address specific health issues that men face. No stigmas, no fluff. We want to help our guys be the best and healthiest versions of themselves.

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Male patients in our practice receive comprehensive prevention services in addition to care for gender-specific problems. We ask our adult patients to plan on a “complete physical” every year (some men can space these out depending on their health status) at which we’ll review disease risk and appropriate screening tests. We care for prostate problems, erectile and other sexual function difficulties, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and other male problems.


We aim to support teenagers and young adults to become their best in body and mind by offering care and advice on nutrition, moods body changes, sexuality, infections, body image and more.

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We welcome patients starting at age 10. We understand the challenges and joys of the teenage years and look forward to helping our teen patients navigate these years of physical and emotional change. We emphasize the importance of provider-patient confidentiality so ask parents to understand that accept in cases of immediate danger to an individual’s health, we cannot by law share the details of teens’ visits unless the patient instructs us to do so. Services include preventive and problem-oriented care.

Sports Medicine

We provide preventative care & treatment to athletes living active lifestyles.

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Whether you are training for a marathon or playing competitive intramural sports, we treat our patient athletes to enhance physical performance, fitness, health, and quality of life.


We help patients with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

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Think you need a dermatologist for every skin concern? Let us convince you otherwise. We perform routine skin exams, treat a variety of rashes, perform biopsies on concerning lesions and refer for specialist Dermatology care when indicated.

LGBTQ, Transgender,
and Nonbinary Patient Care:  

Specialized care for transgender and nonbinary patients, including hormone therapy and blockers.

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We are an open and accepting practice that welcomes patients of all backgrounds and futures. We have providers with expertise in hormone therapy for those initiating or maintaining a transition. We provide nonjudgmental care for those with alternative lifestyles of all sorts. In short, you’ll feel welcomed and accepted here while receiving outstanding care.

Chronic Disease

We provide outstanding care for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis and many others that can significantly impact the quality of daily life. 

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We manage a wide range of chronic diseases with the goal of helping patients maximize the quality and longevity of their lives. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung disease including asthma, cholesterol disorders and a wide range of other problems choose us for their continuity care. We focus on providing evidence-based medicine to limit the excessive testing and treatments that plague our healthcare system and put patients at risk. Our appointment times are longer than at most primary care practices allowing our providers the time it takes to listen and know patients well.

Acute Problem Care

No matter what ails you, we are here to help you treat your illness quickly and seriously so that you can get back on your feet.

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We keep a number of appointments open every day so that when our patients need to see us, they can see us. While every day is a unique scheduling puzzle, we try hard to keep our patients from needing to access the impersonal care offered at urgent cares. Treatment of respiratory infections, rashes, minor injuries and acute symptoms such as abdominal pain are all available. We do ask patients to call as early as possible for same-day appointments.

Mental Health Care

We believe that the well-being of the mind connects to your overall health and resilience and fully support mental health care as an essential component of comprehensive care.

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We have a large primary mental health care practice and have expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, add/adhd and acute stress. Referrals to therapists and psychiatrists are facilitated when needed.


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide accessible, exceptional and personalized care, we no offer “Virtual Visits” (i.e. Telemedicine) visits when clinically appropriate.  These visits are billed through insurance just like visits in our office and have been well-received by patients.