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We now offer “virtual visits” (i.e. telemedicine) visits in appropriate circumstances. This is an option only for established patients whom we know well and only when a physical exam and vital signs can reasonably be expected to be unnecessary.


Examples could include consultations on medications for mental health conditions, refills for ADD medications for patients who have seen us recently in the office and for whom treatment has been reasonably stable, and coordination of care discussions for patients seeing specialists for chronic conditions.


These visits are facilitated by Chiron Health. Patients scheduled for a telemedicine visit will receive electronic instructions on how to register for the visit including entering payment information.

Insurance & Self-Pay

Telemedicine visits are now a covered service under most insurance plans and copays/deductibles apply as they would for in-person visits. Our staff can inform patients of self-pay pricing when scheduling for those patients not using insurance.


Telemedicine visits availability is limited by provider availability so we cannot offer them every day. We expect to expand availability for these going forward as we learn how they best fit with our practice.