In order for everyone to have a welcoming, safe and comfortable experience with our practice, we maintain the following Practice Policies:


Insurances Accepted

We are In-Network and accepting new patients with the following plans: Aetna & Aetna PPO/HMO, Beach Street PPO, BCBS Blue Choice PPO/POS/HMO, Cigna PPO/HMO, Coventry PPO/HMO, First Health, Group Resources, Humana PPO/POS/HMO*, Medicare**, MultiPlan PPO, PHCS PPO, Tricare & United HealthCare.

*We are not in-network with the Humana HMOx Exchange product.
**While we accept Medicare insurance for previously established patients, we unfortunately are not currently accepting Medicare for patients who have not seen us in the past.

Please bring your current insurance card with you to every visit.

Self-Pay Program

We also welcome self-pay patients. Fees vary depending on complexity of the visit.  We generate a bill equal to what we would bill any insurance company and discount that by 25% for patients who pay on the day of service.  Please note: the 25% discount applies only to day of service payments.  It does not apply to patient responsibilities after that day that arise from insurance billing problems, deductibles, etc. 

For more complete information about Self-Pay patients, please visit our Self-Pay page.

Office Policies

After Hours Policy

Please make every effort to contact us during regular clinic hours with questions. For non-urgent issues, please use your patient portal access to send messages to our provider sand staff. We usually respond to portal messages with 48 hours.

For established patients with urgent issues that cannot wait until we reopen, our phone message system includes an option to be transferred to the “Provider on Call”. You will likely be asked to leave a message so that the provider can hear the issue, access your records and therefore be ready to help you when they return the call. Calls should be returned within an hour.

Please understand that we generally do not prescribe controlled substances (e.g. narcotics, stimulants, sedatives) as the result of an after-hours call. These prescriptions require a visit with one of our providers. We also typically do not prescribe antibiotics without office visits, especially for respiratory symptoms as an exam is needed to determine the severity of such an infection.

For medical emergencies patients should dial 911.

No-Show & Late Policy

We work hard to run on time and do not double-book appointments so we take our no-show and late arrival policy seriously. Missed appointments and late arrivals cause time when a provider could not see another patient. It is also highly likely that another patient was previously told that they could not be seen at that time. Therefore, out of respect for all of our patients and the value of our time, we ask patients to agree to the following:

  • Missed appointments will be assessed a $50 no-show fee.
  • Arrival more than 10 minutes after the time of your appointment will be treated as a no-show and assessed the $50 fee unless circumstances allow us to work a patient back into the schedule that day.
  • Repeated missed appointments or late arrivals will cause us to ask a patient to establish care at another practice.
  • We understand that mistakes happen and circumstances beyond a patient’s control occur. Therefore, established patients who do not have a history of missing appointments or arriving late will generally benefit from a one-time waiving of the $50 no-show fee.
  • We remind all of our patients that they signed an acknowledgement of these policies when they established care with us.

Controlled Substance Policy

  • Prescriptions for DEA schedule II-V medications generally require a visit. We will not initiate a prescription for these medications based upon an after-hours call except in the unusual circumstance when harm could come to a patient by not prescribing the medication urgently. For maintenance prescriptions of controlled substances (e.g. stimulants for ADD treatment or benzodiazepines for anxiety), we require a visit with a provider every 3 months.

  • Some visits may appropriately be handled with a telemedicine “virtual vist” but until discussing this with us, patients should assume that an in-person visit every 3 months is required.

  • We have a limited number of patients for whom we prescribe long-term narcotics for pain control, but this is not a large part of our practice and patients should expect to be referred to a chronic pain clinic for such care if needed.

  • Any diversion (patient giving or selling medications to another person) or misuse (e.g. patient obtaining medications with potential for abuse from other providers without our knowledge), is cause for both stopping our prescribing and also termination of our provider-patient relationship.

Patient Behavior & Communication Expectation

Patients should expect to be treated with respect by our team. In return, we expect patients to treat us respectfully. Threats to health certainly raise anxiety and occasionally angry emotions, but we cannot tolerate behavior that is in any way threatening or abusive. If a patient has a concern, we ask them to ask our staff to communicate the concern with Dr. Chad Costley and allow a 24 hour “cooling off” period before expecting to discuss the issue with Dr. Costley. Obviously, if the issue involves an immediate threat to one’s health, we will engage on it immediately, but in our experience waiting 24 hours makes respectful interaction and therefore problem resolution more likely.

Form Completion

Short forms can be completed without an additional fee at the time of a visit in our office. Completion of forms at other times can be completed but require a standard fee of $35. We may ask for an additional fee in certain circumstances (e.g. Peace Corps, Foreign Service and Adoption forms which can be quite time-consuming). We also charge a $35 fee for printed copies of medical records. There is no charge for sending electronic copies of medical records to another practice.

Portal Usage

As a patient at Ponce Primary Care, we ask that you utilize our Patient Portal.  When used appropriately, the Portal is a great tool for:

  • Communicating with our clinical staff about non-urgent issues

  • Reviewing test results

  • Paying outstanding balances

  • Reviewing problem lists, allergies etc.

  • Updating insurance information

  • Sending questions re: billing, appointment scheduling, prior authorizations or other non-urgent administrative issues.

For optimal medical care and overall practice experience between provider, patient, and administrative staff, we ask patients to review and understand and adhere to our Portal Usage Policies.

Urgent Issues

We attempt to maintain daily calendar openings for unanticipated sick care needs, such as acute illnesses that require timely attention. However, if you are experiencing any life threatening symptoms, or if it is outside of our operating hours and you are in need of immediate medical attention, you should visit the appropriate emergency room.

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.